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Partner NOTS

Here at NOTS we have a soft spot for oddity, sparkles, ocean hues, good energy, mother earth and of course, all things beachy. We adore and welcome unique products with an underlining sense of freedom.

If you have a creation or collaboration in mind for NOTS please do not hesitate to contact us.

Some of our existing partners include;
Brad Loafer
Marina Fini
Made By Mermaids
Lillian Cuda
Shantique Designs
Kosmo Tapestry
We love our partners from the sea to the moon and back ♥

- N E W -
We are now accepting wholesale orders on a selection of our own products such as our NOTS charm jewellery, NOTS scrunchies and NOTS living decor.
Not only can we stock your products but it is now possible to stock ours too!